What Do We do?

Dry Cleaning

With an experienced management team and over 40 years experience our team is qualified to deliver high-quality dry cleaning services.

Jeeves has a combination of cleaning methods, including industry leading technology for both dry and wet-cleaning.

Jeeves is one of only a few cleaners in Australia using SolvonK4, a leading dry cleaning solvent that is both gentle for a wide variety of garments and a good cleaner. Jeeves was also the first cleaner in Australia to use Yamamoto’s Harmony Wet-Cleaning system, a revolutionary cleaning method that bridges the gap between traditional laundry and dry cleaning. Wet-cleaning is suitable for a wide-variety of stains and fabric-types, making it a perfect tool for getting great results.

We also clean bags, hats and sneakers! Using a combination of techniques we can safely clean most of these items regardless of their construction. Our team will be able to provide you with a quote in-store.

Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

Need cleaning of overalls and workwear? Jeeves has you covered.

If you would like a quote for bulk cleaning of overalls, or industrial gear, call (02) 9416 6123 for more info.

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Christmas & New Year Closure

Modified Trading Hours

We will be CLOSED from Saturday the 24th of December until Sunday the 8th of January.

We will RE-OPEN at 9am on Monday the 9th of January 2023. Please note we are closing early at 4pm on this day and there will be no cleaning on this day as we have scheduled maintenance.

Regular hours resume from Tuesday the 10th of January. There is NO SAME DAY service for this first week of trading.