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Red Box 24/7 Drop Off and Pick Up Service


For your convenience, Jeeves Dry Cleaners has a RedBox drop off and pickup system which is avaiable 24 hours a day, every day.

It is easy to use the RedBox:

    • DROP OFF – follow the screen prompts and enter your mobile phone and pin then scan your credit card. Place the printed docket together with your garments in a bag from the chute dispenser. Drop it in the secure chute and leave the rest to us. Your credit details are securely stored in a seperate offline system and the card will be charged after your garments are processed. Any variation from normal prices due to major staining or other problems will be verified with you before your garments are processed.
    • SMS – once your drycleaning is completed, your credit card is charged and we will send you an SMS advising that your order is ready for pick up.
    • PICK UP – enter your mobile phone and pin. The screen will show your order(s) ready for collection. Follow the screen prompts to retrieve your freshly cleaned garments.


The RedBox is open for your convenience, 24 hours  a day, every day.

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