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Dry Cleaning Services

Few people have the time to wash and iron shirts, so let Jeeves Dry Cleaners take care of them. Using state-of-the-art Miele washers Jeeves Dry Cleaners can achieve great results with even the grubbiest shirt. Coupled with automated shirt finishing equipment and a final hand finish the need to iron shirts is a distant memory.

Dry Cleaning

The Jeeves team acknowledges the responsibility of caring for our customers garments by adhering to the following seven step process to complete the cleaning of your garments:

1.            Detailing: Garments are thoroughly inspected and prepared for cleaning. This includes button or ornamental protection or removal, surface and structural surveying, evaluating for serviceability, and more.

2.            Stain Removal: All garments are inspected thoroughly for any stains and the Jeeves’ professionals use proven traditional and advanced modern techniques to remove stains.

3.            Cleaning: The appropriate dry cleaning process and hand cleaning procedures are chosen for each garment using the latest technology and the purest and greenest of solvents.

4.            Hand Finishing: Jeeves’ experienced pressers individually finish your garment to your specific requirements.

5.            Minor Repairs: Jeeves attends to loose hems, open seams, loose buttons, missing buttons, etc.

6.            Inspection: Every garment is formally inspected to ensure that it meets the rigorous Jeeves Dry Cleaners standards before packaging.

7.            Packaging: Most garments are protected with a quality plastic robe. We make extensive use of tissue, custom hangers and specially designed bags and boxes in order to ensure the safe return your garments.

Garment repairs & alterations

Hem down or zip broken? Jeeves Dry Cleaners has a full on-site garment repair and alterations department which can help keep your clothes looking their best. All the basic repairs, and most of the more difficult ones are offered including replacing zippers, re-hemming and shortening trousers and skirts, replacing lining and replacing buttons.