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5 Questions to Ask Your Dry Cleaner

As you would before choosing an accountant, dentist or barber, you should look around before selecting a dry cleaner. If you’re looking for a new dry cleaner, here are five basic questions you should ask: What are your hours of operation? First, determine whether or not the […]

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Coffee Stain Removal Tips

As with almost any stain, your best chances for removal exist immediately after the accident occurs, especially with dark stains, such as coffee or red wine. While there are several steps you can take to remove coffee stains, your best option for complete eradication is to take […]

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Preparing Clothes for Dry Cleaning

When purchasing clothing or sorting laundry, it’s important to inspect each tag or label for proper care instructions. Even on items that can be laundered at home, certain stains require the skill and solvents of a professional dry cleaner to remove. Taking your clothes to a professional, […]

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Advantages of Dry Cleaning

Are you someone who considers professional dry cleaning a necessity, as opposed to a luxury? If so, you already know, understand and appreciate the advantages of dry cleaning—advantageous that laundering your clothes at home doesn’t offer. Now, not every garment or piece of fabric has to be […]

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How Do I Know if Something is Dry Clean Only?

Clothing preservation is largely dependent on picking the right cleaning method – so how can you know if an item requires dry cleaning? The answer isn’t always as direct as you might think: Check the Label Garment labels are the most straightforward way to tell if an […]

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Alterations and Repairs

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