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Business Shirts

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Business Shirt Laundering and Pressing

Few people have the time to wash and iron shirts, so let Jeeves Dry Cleaners take care of them. Using state-of-the-art Miele washers Jeeves Dry Cleaners can achieve great results with even the grubbiest shirt. Coupled with automated shirt finishing equipment and a final hand finish the need to iron shirts is a distant memory.
Jeeves takes special care of white business shirts by soaking them overnight to keep them bright and white.

Business Shirts
Regular business shirts are most commonly worn. Their shape is loose, rather than tailored. Business Shirts are laundered, pressed on an automated shirt finishing machine and finished by hand.

Fitted Shirts
Shirts with a tailored/fitted shape. Many (but not all) are made from elastine based fabrics and are dry cleaned or gentle washed to retain the shirt’s shape. Fitted shirts are hand pressed rather than on an automated shirt finishing machine.

For the busy executive who travels for business we can also starch, individually fold and pack each shirt into a plastic bag ready for that next business trip.